• Answering machine picked up the call, heard a female voice on other end,but she immediately hung up, I guess, when she realized it was a recorded message,so it didn't get her voice recorded. The Caller I.D. read, "Name Not Found", along with this number, 429-000-3875.
    • By: Paul Cassidy
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    Published on Jun 25, 2012
  • you text 4 what do you know me or school
    • By: Sanetom
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  • I was running a add in the paper. and this man calls about it,everything was fine for about 10 minutes then he became very obscene and volgore and I told him not to call back he was nasty and persistant for me to stay on the phone.I just hung up.Now I am getting a lot of calls from a private number I believe to be the same person. very harrassing.
    • By: Meagan Mott
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