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    Published on January 18, 2013 PHT in 0:028 By Murray
  • These people call ALL the time. If I dont have enough time to answer they hang up and call my mobile. THen they try calling me on landline around 4 times and the my mobile same amount of times too! I answered a call last week and twice they put me on hold so I hung up. No one calls someone and then when they answer puts them on hold!!! And today is Sunday and they phoned 8 times before Midday! I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUT DONT CALL AGAIN!!!!!!! You are a Sydney no. for starters and I live in a Victorian town....Telstra? Telemarketers? I dunno who it is but they are annoying and I will report to the police if they call me one more time!!!I clearly have had enough!!! I just called back the number and it was TELSTRA!!! They aren't annoying enough already!!!!!
    • By: Murray
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