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    Published on December 21, 2012 PHT in 0:080 By Ian TMorgan
  • it calls me 9:00am every morning i picked it up and know one said anything
    • By: Ian TMorgan
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Allennsmith ( 2012-12-21 )
Allennsmith avatarJust got this call on my cell phone. Same thing -- Carpet Care. Also, no last digit on the phone number that popped up on Caller ID. If I get another one, I'll be calling the FTC.
tiger tattoosupply ( 2012-12-21 )
tiger tattoosupply avatarit is actually very funny i came across this cause this number has texted me too wanting to hook up.  I think the dude is a fag cause I told him wrong number dude and he still wanted to meet me to f*@#?????? what the hell?! and the texting does stop there I think he likes getting told off cause he texted me more after I did.  Finally I offered to meet him just to kick his a$$ ha ha dumbass never texted again
mohammed saleh omar ( 2012-12-22 )
mohammed saleh omar avatarGot a text from the same number, but without the exact sum of money for the accident. Think its because i've visited a car insurance company today.
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