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    Published on May 29, 2011 PHT in 2:258 By Rolf M
  • I received a call for this number with the same indian sounding person, he said he was with the federal government and that I was receiving a Grant of 10,000.00. Just for being an American and to use up excess money. He wanted my Bank account numbers to deposit the money right away. then he even went as far as to put his so called supervisor on the phone to try to get my info. I told them that my government has all my info and knows were to find me. Plus my government does not give money away for no reason. The number they called from was 258-963-1475 they called back two hours later from 258-963-1480 . I called them several names that were just wrong, told them what they could do and hung up. I tried reporting it to the federal trade commission, local police, and the attorney general of my state, no one really seemed to care at all. I was hoping to stop these people before they got someone dumb enough to give them info.
    • By: Rolf M
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