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    Published on January 04, 2012 PHT in 3:353 By anmol
  • The 35314369001 No is paypals support offices in southern Ireland, call the number back and see for yourself i just got done for 80 gbp with this transaction no this is the 3rd time in 2 yearsf@:ckin Paypal Avoid them at all costs
    • By: anmol
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Alex Waters ( 2012-01-04 )
Carpet cleaning ( 2012-01-04 )
Carpet cleaning avatarthey called_ icalled back_ home biz deal_they send me the how to_then there is some sort of payback commission to them. guy answered the phone HELLO???this is after being on hold for a minute or so. this guy sounded like he might be from India. when i declined the 'deal', he didn't push it. i hung up
Leo X ( 2012-01-05 )
Leo X avatarThis number is a scam....  don't give them any info....  I even told them that they were a scam when they happened to answer when I picked up the phone....  they denied it but continued their spill about what they were offering... they had the last four digits of my credit card number.... it  is high time someone in charge of these frauds does something about these people...  I have a no call number also, but nothing is done there either...
namedu ( 2012-01-06 )
namedu avatarCalled asked for my grandmother wouldn't tell me what they wanted. When I asked they just said nevermind and hungup
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