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    Published on April 12, 2011 PHT in 4:469 By Peter Lands
  • Yeah this person leaves us a message everyday. They dont say who they are, or the reason they are calling. Yesterday they left us a message telling us to call them back before 11 am. Like that will happen. I think I will just let them keep calling. Not like I will ever return a call.
    • By: Peter Lands
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Wiliam Bird ( 2011-04-12 )
Wiliam  Bird avatarI got a call from this guy yesterday as well (mumble) Blue - I think it was Jim?...called back today while simultaneously googling the number (as I had my suspicions). It kept ringing.  Glad to hear it is a scam...
Daniel Bowman ( 2011-04-12 )
Daniel Bowman avatarthank you hiller and hoffman for all the help. You were very polite and helped lower my balance to an amount that i could afford. It was a pleasure to do business with you.
David Nikolas ( 2011-04-13 )
David Nikolas avatarI dont have a answering machine nor service. I also didnt answerCaller: Peterborough On
galaxyeduworld01 ( 2011-04-14 )
galaxyeduworld01 avatarMa, If the call is disconnecting once you answer, How do you listen to the end ?  Enlighten me, please.  If you don't know anyone in jail why would you want to hang on only to be charged for the call ? As you know once you accept the call, you are charged ! And, I don't think anyone was stereotyping, don't be so defensive.  And yes, I do have a loved one in prison also.  Sh-t happens.
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