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    Published on September 02, 2011 PHT in 5:540 By n Jose Mortgage Sa
  • i didn't recognize the phone # so i let it go to voice mail. woman gave a first name and an 800# to return the call to and insisted that i return the call TODAY but never stated what company she was with or what she want calling about.
    • By: n Jose Mortgage Sa
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coldwellbankersamara ( 2011-09-02 )
coldwellbankersamara avatarMy phone rang when I was on the other line. My caller ID said 983-0174. I answered it and said hello twice, but my call was just put back in connection with the friend I was talking to. I called the number back and it just rang.
Westcoastcarriers ( 2011-09-02 )
Westcoastcarriers avatarI received a call today...this guy was from India...called me this times didn't want to tell me what his call was about...
erection4you ( 2011-09-03 )
erection4you avatarBoas.Trata-se definitivamente de um call center. Não sei se sabem mas os operadores de cll center têm de fazer um determinado numero de contactos com atendimento do numero chamado, nem que seja por um segundo já conta e assim conseguem manter as promoções, prémios, etc para eles mesmos e fazem estas chamadas.Eu não atendo nenhuma.
Michael Hussy ( 2011-09-04 )
Michael Hussy avatarI received it too. Since I started looking for the used car and calling and/or leaving messages to inquire about the car (mostly at Craigslist) I started getting this call. This may be just coincident. I just wanted to make sure if anyone else started getting the phone calls after they have done similar things. Does anyone knows what this message about.
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