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  • 5754436700  575-443-6700

    Published on November 12, 2011 PHT in 5:575 By Grace White
  • It is the number for a precheck company hospitals use for reference calls on new hires.
    • By: Grace White
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Paco ( 2011-11-12 )
Paco avatarCalls the work number and never says anything!  Who are these people and how come they are allowed to make a business model out of this type of behavior?  Totally sick of this crap!
Soroush Fallah ( 2011-11-12 )
Soroush Fallah avatarthese people called my home for my son. the lady was very nice.  my son said he did it and due to his financial situation, me and my husband paid it for him. however, i must say, the lady i spoke with was very pleasant and after i explained to her that we would have to pay for him, she lowered the amount we owed and gave me a settlement.  after i paid it she emailed me a paid in full letter with all the information on it..  I was NOT happy with my son but if you take then you must give back.. let this be a lesson learned......
Zafar Iqbal ( 2011-11-13 )
Zafar Iqbal avatarThis number is pissing me off!  They call and hang up!  Try to call back and busy....finally got through and it says "You will be contacted"  WTF?????
Supag ( 2011-11-14 )
Supag avatarI am pissed off right now!!! I have a bill that needs to be paid and here comes these idiots I didnt authorize to go into my account taking money that I dont have to give them. I really dont know how Im gonna pay that bill now and I dont know how the hell I can get my money back. I wish there was a way we could stop these stupid internet scams. These people are ruining other peoples lives whether they know it or not.
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