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    Published on February 03, 2011 PHT in 6:651 By Dreamsoft
  • I get calls from these people every once in a while and never answer the phone. These people really should update their files. The reason they're calling is to collect on a debt that has been paid up for over 3 years. I'd worked directly with the company I had the debt with and brought the debt current very quickly. These people at this collection agency are just trying to get a cut that they're not entitled to.
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Shiv Bhan ( 2011-02-03 )
Shiv Bhan avatarI recieved a number of calls from this number, and when the women said she was with Wireless Promotions for Sprint, and asked if I was the authorized person at the number I told her the number was with the United States Marshal Service, and that this was a fraud, and if she continued to call she would be pursued and prosecuted. I repeated this a number of times and asked if she understood. I think she did, as she hung up and has not called back!
vancouverwachiro ( 2011-02-03 )
vancouverwachiro avatarHello, the same thing happend to me and it still is, i dont know if its real or not. im asking questions with no answers in return. did u or ne one u kno send the money and if so what happend after?
A. Rodriguez ( 2011-02-04 )
A. Rodriguez avatarI think these are random dialers as I get the same call on my cell and home land line as do other family members.  ALso get mailings.  Pretened like I had an interest once and they didn't even know what car I drove or the age.  Also they wouldn't give me a number so I could call them.  SOunds like it is from India.  Couldn't get enoough info to turn them in to the "do not call" police.  When I said they are illegal in this country, they hung up on me.   They have nothing to do with your car mfg or dealer.  I get several calls per month, most annoying.
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