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    Published on March 23, 2011 PHT in 7:709 By K. Draskovic
  • Hey, Sound's like you got a call too.I was home one night waiting for my wife to come home and my cell phone rang, the caller ID said "(709) 834-1423". I'm living in Nova Scotia right now. I didn't answer it. A few week's later I got the call again and I answered it, and it was static and then someone screamed and said "Hell- .." I waited for somthing else and said hello then I heard "..Sorry, I got" then some more static and the call ended. It sounded really weird. Guess some kid's got bored and decided to prank a random number?If anyone has gotten this call, could you help me out?Caller ID: Unknown Name - (709) 834-1423
    • By: K. Draskovic
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