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    Published on May 10, 2012 PHT in 7:773 By Builders
  • I received a call from this number when I was trying to change my password for my online banking with Fifth Third Bank. It is an automated system they use for verification/security purposes.Caller ID: 773-243-0381Caller: Fifth Third Bank
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Peter Lee ( 2012-05-10 )
Peter Lee avatarThis is a dedicated line from 5/3 bank for resetting your online account password.  First it asks you to press pound and after that it asks you for the "number displayed on your screen", which will make sense if you have requested a password change but will seem confusing if you haven't.  Basically, if you get a call from this number and are trying to change your 5/3 password, pick up; if you aren't, it means someone has gotten hold of your card number and is trying to access your accout, in which case, you should call the bank and let them know you probably need the card deactivated and reissued with a different number.Caller: 5/3 bankCall Type: Event Reminder
Alias Tomar ( 2012-05-10 )
Alias Tomar avatarpicked up and got a spanish speaking woman, lots of background noise.  have verizon.
Kendall Caputo ( 2012-05-11 )
Kendall Caputo avatari feel dumb, you are not dumb.  You, like many others, believed in these fools.  You are probably our ticket to finding them, since your brother in law is in the FBI.  I am so estatic.  I sure hope they can follow their tracks with all the research on this site.  Thanks' to all for being so persistant.  JASONEX has been very quiet lately.  Maybe the heat is on and he has to hurry up and move his company again.  Poor bastard.  God, I hope they can get these people on tape....Love it.
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