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    Published on January 02, 2012 PHT in 8:800 By Pam Marshall
  • Receive at least 19 calls per day from this number. NO ONE THERE!!! I cannot figure out if it is a prank or a scam. PLEALE MAKE IT STOP
    • By: Pam Marshall
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Searchready ( 2012-01-02 )
Searchready avatarok i got it like three weeks ago and now twice today! who is it!? what is going on?!
themultiflix ( 2012-01-02 )
themultiflix avatarA class-action suit is the answer. Only problem is these folks have the same ethics as State Senators and local Congressman. Nothing will ever happen.snidley
Buy Sell Puppies ( 2012-01-03 )
Buy Sell Puppies avatarThis number has called my home several times in violation of the do-not-call list.
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