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    Published on April 13, 2012 PHT in 8:866 By Casimir Lepovski
  • Got a call from a rude female from this number. Then another call from Jacob somebody or other from the law firm of Frederick J. Hanna in Atlanta. I told the woman when I could start paying on a debt. She tried to be a tuffy so I hung up on her. She called my 86 year old mother and gave her a third degree but my mother is still smart enough to tell her to call me. Typical rude collection people. The spend their lives being rude to people and don't care about any financial problems you may be having. How can you live like that. If they persist I will tell them to contact me by mail only. If they try to collect in court I will have Pre-Paid Legal assistance in court. If they are dumn enough to go to court and they win something they will still get no money because I have no money. Luckily my cellphone shows who is calling and I can avoid answering their persistent calls.
    • By: Casimir Lepovski
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