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    Published on February 10, 2013 PHT in 8:888 By johana tatums
  • If you have ever seen the movie with the kid who wants his 2 dollars...I think that character was molded after Charlie Taylor. This guy is the incredible hulk of debt collectors. After some lengthy research and a phone call to the Federal Trade Commission, according to the FDCPA ruling and a dialog with a representative from the FTC, Charlie Taylor has broken a multitude of laws in abidance to the rulings in this matter. He has been and needs to be continually reported to the FTC sentinel. The man is a true model of a 2 bit hustler troglodyte. If you, family members, friends and any known acquaintances, have been contacted by this man ( and I'm sure he will try to ruin you with all of them) report him immediately to the FTC.
    • By: johana tatums
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