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    Published on April 20, 2012 PHT in 9:900 By Events in Chennai
  • got a text from 900080004000 saying "Your address has been changed in VZW please dial *611 if you did not authorize this". What a bunch of crap, obviously it is a scam to get me to dial that number.
    • By: Events in Chennai
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Caroline Johnson ( 2012-04-20 )
Caroline Johnson avatar900080004000 this number sent a message that my address or contact number has been changed and if I had not made this change then to dial #611 from my phone.
john richard ( 2012-04-20 )
john richard avatarIt is Cox Comm. They call my cell all the time. I do not nor have I ever had Cox services. Evidently someone used my # or Cox has it entered into their system incorrectly. They said they would change it but they are still calling me.
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